Enchanted Forest at Steed and Company Lavender

Enchanted Fairy Forest

The Lavender Fairy--laundress of the fairy land--has been hanging her dainty laundry in the enchanted forest at Steed and Co. Using lavender soap, she washes the beautiful dresses of the fairies. Her butterfly helpers carry the freshly washed clothing to the lavender fields, to dry...

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Lavender Ice Cream

Ice Cream is In!

Come to Steed and Co. to beat the heat with our delicious Lavender Ice Cream Bars!  The delicate flavour of lavender ice cream between two home-made organic ,gluten-free chocolate cookies is a tasty way to keep cool during the dog days of summer!...

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Fairy Houses at Steed and Company Lavender

Lavender Fairy Preparations

The Lavender Fairy's decorating her house and garden for the Fairy Festival. She's been busy at work; come to the gardens this weekend to see what she's been up to!...

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Lavender Harvest

The harvest has started! Even though we're busy collecting the buds, there is still a lot of lavender left to see in the fields. Come visit, and see the fields awash in purple....

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Heritage Variety Eggs at Steed and Company Lavender

Heritage Variety Eggs

Have you ever tried green eggs with ham? Come get a variety of beautiful eggs to add some colour to your breakfast. Each dozen comes with a mix of blue, green, white, and speckled brown eggs, laid by our small flock of heritage, free-range chickens....

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Lavender Fields at Steed and Company Lavender

Lavender in Bloom

The fields are awash in blue. The lavender is still here, and looking its best; come visit us for Canada Day, and enjoy the flowers while they last!...

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Lavender Buds at Steed and Company Lavender

Come See the Lavender Buds

The sun is out, and so is the lavender! Take a drive down to Sparta this weekend to see the lavender, and enjoy the nice weather. Wander around the fields to discover the calming effects of lavender, while enjoying the beauty that comes with the beginning...

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Ontario’s Southwest: Itinerary No. 3, Country Comfort

Steed and Company Lavender is Stop 4 on the Country Comfort itinerary put together by the Ontario's Southwest publication. Drive this beautiful country route along Lake Erie's north shore, and discover  the culinary treasures it has hidden away! Itinerary No. 3: Country Comfort Follow your appetite along the country...

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