Edible Toronto: Celebrating the Abundance of Food in the Golden Horseshoe

Edible Toronto article

Suzanne Steed, a public health nurse with a degree in fine arts and a passion for all things creative, decided to hang up her scrubs when she and her husband moved to Sparta, near Aylmer. Although nursing was no longer to be her nine-to-five occupation, she still wanted to engage in health and wellness and so she went on to study horticulture. This is when she fell in love with lavender. The thought of working the land, nurturing growth, and turning the flowers of her labour into calming, natural products for people to enjoy was irresistible to Suzanne.

Over the last three years, Suzanne has planted fields of lavender for use in her Lavender Blue products, and a beautiful garden retreat for visitors to enjoy. Lavender has no predators in the insect world and so requires no chemicals to combat the crop devastation that other flowers often face. After three years of blisters, Suzanne still hand-hoes and -tills her land, providing her personal input from field to fork –or body, one might say.

Visit Lavender Blue Lavender Farm to stroll or sit in the lavender garden, and find a few minutes of calm and peace. Enjoy Suzanne’s homemade lavender soaps and scrubs, working some of that calm into your morning bathing ritual. And spread that comfort on your toast with her jelly or marmalades while stirring up relaxation with a spoonful of lavender honey in your morning tea.

By Kathleen Mackintosh