How does your lavender grow?

At Steed and Company Lavender we occasionally have lavender plants for sale. At our lavender farm we grow ‘angustifolia’ lavender which is hardy to about zone 4. We grow several varieties of this lavender and currently have a few ‘Folgate’ for sale. When growing lavender, it is best planted in a full sun location with well drained soil. Here at Steed and Company Lavender farm in southwestern Ontario, we are on very sandy loam soil, which is perfect for growing lavender.

Look for a plant that has branching from the base.

Before we plant our lavender, we carefully nip off the tips of the lavender plants. This helps the lavender plant to bush out from the base.

Plant your lavender in full sun and in well drained soil and water well. It will be important to keep the new plant well watered until it becomes established. Lavender is a drought tolerant plant and once the plant becomes established, it will require little water . At our lavender farm, we do not need to water our established drought tolerant plants in the summer, this is a good thing as the sun always shines a Steed and Company Lavender farm!