Pruning lavender at Steed and Company Lavender

Its Time to Prune!

Finally, now that it is starting to feel like Spring, this is the best time to get out there and prune your lavender plants! This needs to be done every year. It is really important to prune lavender in the spring before it starts to green up.  If you wait to long and do it when the lavender is green, you may be cutting off this summer’s bloom.  Here at Steed & Co, we prune back the entire plant 1/3 – 1/2 all the way around the plant.  We like to prune our lavender into a ball.  You don’t need to prune out sections, just do the whole plant.  Pruning is really important for lavender because it helps keep the plant healthy, helps to keep the plant’s shape, and increases the number of spikes.  A lavender plant that has not been pruned every year can get woody in the centre and only have growth around the edges with few spikes.