Ontario Farm Fresh: Farm Fresh Awards Keep Coming

Niagara Falls – Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Niagara Falls – Each year since 2007, on-farm direct marketers gather to celebrate excellence in their industry and share in the successes of their fellow farmers. This year is no exception for the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association’s (OFFMA) Awards Banquet. Over the years the number of awards has increased slightly but each one is deeply valued by the winners who receive them.

Food Innovation Award –This award is sponsored by Foodland Ontario and as such Foodland staff make up part of the judging committee for this award. This year they had their jobs cut out for them. The entries were all exceptional to the point that they could not decide and a tie was announced. Frootogo Orchards won for their Farmstead Frozen Soups under the heading of Souptogo. The flavour was outstanding, the concept of using their own vegetables to make a signature product and the fact that they had started with fresh soup and then decided to start freezing them to preserve the seasonal flavours from the farm all combined for a winning entry. Steed & Company Lavender submitted their lavender preserves for the award. Again the flavour of these products were exceptional, but before it even go to the judge’s taste buds, the labels and logo had caught their attention. Both are excellent products from Ontario farms.