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How We Came To Be

Perhaps it was destiny that brought our family and horses to this farm that  happened to have ideal conditions for growing lavender. To reflect the beauty that lavender and horses bring to our property, our logo represents a marriage of horses and lavender. It was certainly providence that my last name is Steed, the old English word for horse.  From this, Steed and Company Lavender was born. We invite you to ESCAPE to Steed & Company Lavender Farm, the premier grower of lavender in Elgin County located along the Ontario South Coast, just outside of the historical village of Sparta, Ontario. The lavender farm is part of a 45-acre horse farm. It is nestled at the edge of a spectacular Carolinian forest on steep valley slopes, which has been designated as an Area of Natural Special Interest (ANSI) by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Steed & Company Lavender grows several varieties of English lavender landscaped into beautiful gardens integrated into the natural beauty of this rural setting. Stroll amongst the lavender flowers, enjoy the experience of the unique heady fragrance of lavender and DISCOVER the views of the outstanding natural features of this ANSI property where by chance you may even see our nesting pair of bald eagles in flight. Visit our lavender boutique and INDULGE in our handcrafted natural lavender products created from our hand harvested lavender using the strict guidelines of our philosophy.


At Steed & Company we are committed to practicing ecologically sensitive growing methods in order to protect and respect the natural heritage values of the countryside and its wildlife. Through our stewardship, we use absolutely no pesticides and utilize manual weed control. Drawing from the experience gained from a degree in nursing, the ingredients for our handcrafted products are chosen with great care. We use local, natural and where possible organic ingredients. For products not produced at the farm, we are committed to working with local businesses and responsible sourcing.

Lavender Farm London

History of Sparta

Perhaps it was providence that Steed and Company started its lavender farm in Sparta, Ontario – for the Quakers brought lavender to North America and it was the Quakers that established the historic community of Sparta. Jonathan Doan, a Quaker from Philadelphia, first settled the area after the War of 1812. Sparta grew and prospered and within twenty years, its commerce included a tannery, a grist-mill and a distillery as well as Sparta’s famous blacksmith shop known as the Forge. The Forge’s two foot thick walls, made of clay and straw, today house the Sparta Museum. Sparta’s development was heavily influenced by the Greek Revival that was popular during the 1800’s. This is not only evident in much of the architecture, but also in the naming of the village itself. Its historical buildings, which still stand today, include the Quaker Meeting House, Eakins Hardware Store, Sparta House, Temperance House and Hiram B. Smith’s General Store. Come experience a day in the country with a visit to Steed and Company Lavender and the historic village of Sparta, Ontario.