Our Horses


It was while searching for a home for Teekah that we found this beautiful property, ideal for growing lavender.  Teekah has been with me all of my adult life, and has led me on amazing adventures. When she was just three years old, Eric Lamaze, a Canadian Olympic gold medalist, found her for me.  She is a registered Thoroughbred, daughter of Canadian sprint champion Bold Ruckus, and granddaughter of great Canadian race horse Northern Dancer. Teekah never raced, but was my partner for a very successful show jumping career, and later in an outstanding dressage career in the United States. She is a kind and honest horse, who never once let me down.  Teekah has been retired, and recently she turned 28 years old.



Ellie is a picture of great beauty, brilliance, animation, and elegance, either under saddle or in the field. She is a Morgan with a strong Park Morgan influence. The Park Morgan should be collected, balanced, rhythmic, and precise at all times. While animation and presence are prerequisites, the horse should display a “poetry of motion” that is achieved by a combination of athletic ability and a willing attitude. These attributes makes this breed ideal for Dressage.  Their willing personalities, intelligence, and inherent physical soundness allow them to excel at performing the required movements. Dressage is the training and fluid execution of movements under saddle. Competitive Dressage offers the rider/horse team the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery at Introductory and Training levels, the more difficult First through Fourth levels, and the advanced FEI levels of Prix St. Georges, Intermediare I and II, and Grand Prix.


Kye is our Lippitt Morgan. He is a very sweet and sometimes mischievous horse, who makes me smile. The Lippitt was named for Robert Lippitt Knight, a breeder during the 1930’s who had a special love for old and rare breeds. The Lippitt is a distinct horse in that it has no recent out-crosses to other breeds, resulting in the highest percentage of the original blood available today. Lippitts also possess many of the original type and qualities of their founder, Figure, owned by Justin Morgan.  Figure became the sire of the Morgan horse breed.  Justin Morgan received Figure, along with two other horses, as payment of a debt. As Figure grew older, people began to recognise his skill in a variety of areas. Figure became a prolific breeding stallion; his descendants, still noted for their versatility and friendly personality, became the first American breed of horse to survive to the present.  The Morgans’ willingness to please, disposition, type, and overall beauty contines to attract many owners and breeders.