COVID-19 Update

To Our Lavender Friends

Although COVID 19 crisis has created extraordinary times for our communities and our small businesses, we are all finding creative ways to manage theses unprecedented challenges.

At our farm the wellness and safety of our staff has been paramount.  We have taken several actions to mitigate any risk to our staff. We have started by establishing flexible work hours to increase physical distancing between employees. We are promoting frequent and thorough hand washing.

We also want to assure our customers that we are maintaining regular workplace cleaning practices, including routine disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment. Proper handwashing is performed prior to packaging of all orders.

With our customers in mind, we are working very hard to continue to create our lovely lavender soaps and calming and wellness products so that you can enjoy the amazing benefits of lavender during this stressful time. With everyone working together, we are starting to see the benefits of our actions.  It is our hope that we will soon emerge from this pandemic crisis strong and healthy.

Stay safe and stay well!